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An innovate design that reduces
visual fatigue

Let your eyes rest when reading, working with computers or playing video games. Acomoda is an anti-fatigue design that has been calculated to reduce visual fatigue produced by a continuous accommodation eff ort. When working constantly at near distances, muscles that surround the crystalline became tired, and this may end in visual fatigue. The most common symptoms are pain, dryness, eyes become red and even headaches.

Acomoda reduces the weakening process of the mentioned muscles because it provides the wearer with a small touch of addition in the bottom part of the lens.

Acomoda is available in 0.50D and 0.75D.


Useful for people who spend much time working at a computer. Thanks to this little addition wearers will notice how their eyes get less tired.



Useful for people who spend much time reading. A higher addition than 0.50D provides wearers with more power when reading so they donít need to accommodate so much and visual fatigue gets low.

Target & Positioning

  • Ideal for wearers with ages between 18 and 45 who spend much time at near vision and have visual fatigue symptoms
  • An exclusive anti-fatigue designs

  Reduce visual fatigue  
  IOT off ers this design in two diff erent additions, 0,5D& 0,75D  
  High quality features in the near zone  
  High precision and high personalization due to Digital Ray-Path technology  
  Clear vision in every gaze direction  
  Oblique astigmatism reduced  
  Variable Inset: Automatic and manual  
  Frame shape optimization available  

Vertex distance  
Near working distance  
Pantoscopic angle  
Wrapping angle  

Performance at each distance
Far -
Intermediate -
Near -
Minimum Fitting Height MFH
18 mm

Cylinder Map MFH = 18 mm   Power Map MFH =18mm



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