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Extremely wide distance visual area maintaining a comfortable near visual field

Enjoying landscapes, great buildings, movies in the cinema, etc. requires a wide, clear far field. Alpha H65 appears as great solution for people who spend large times outdoors, people that need a very good far vision. Alpha H65 is the updated version of Alpha H60, one of the most popular IOT designs. Alpha H65 is a design for general purposes but it has been developed focused on distance vision. It off ers a panoramic far visual fi eld with freedom for lateral movements of the eyes.

The increased benefits in the new version include:

  • Wider reading area to guarantee a better comfort
  • Wider and clearer distance vision
  • Lower level of unwanted astigmatism
  • Improvement of the general performance

Target & Positioning

  • Ideal for expert wearers who enjoy in outdoor environments or need superior distance vision
  • Personalized Progressive Lens with panoramic clarity in the
    distance zone
Performance at each distance
Minimum Fitting Height MFH
14 mm
15 mm
16 mm
17 mm
18 mm
19 mm
20 mm

Cylinder Map MFH = 18 mm   Power Map MFH =18mm
  Extra wide distance visual zone  
  Available in seven progression lengths  
  High precision and high personalization due to Digital Ray-Path technology  
  Clear vision in every gaze direction  
  Oblique astigmatism minimized  
  Variable Inset: Automatic and manual  
  Frame shape optimization available  

Vertex distance  
Near working distance  
Pantoscopic angle  
Wrapping angle  

Design Performance



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