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Finnally, an appropiate progressive lens
for driving

Dirving is a task that has very specific optical requirements, the position of the dashboard, external and internal mirrors and the strong distance jump between looking at the road or looking inside the car makes this scenario very particular.
Drive Progressive has been developed to adapt the lens for this specific this task. Far vision has being enhanced to provide the wearer with a perfect view of the road.

Due to the special location of mirrors and digital devices, power distribution has been specially conceived to allow wearers to drive without unnecessary head movements, mirrors are located inside an astigmatism free zone, and dynamic vision has been also improved reducing astigmatism lobes to the minimum.

Target & Positioning

  • Ideal for user who needs a progressive lens special for outdoor activities
  • A Compensated Progressive lens ideal for sports ( sports or outdoor activities)

Performance at each distance
Minimum Fitting Height MFH
18 mm

Cylinder Map MFH = 18 mm   Power Map MFH =18mm
  Wide clear area of binocular vision in far distance  
  Adjusted special power distribution for driving  
  Wide corridor and soft transitions for comfortable driving  
  Low values of unwanted astigmatism to improve dynamic vision  
  High precision and high personalization due to Digital Ray-Path technology  
  Clear vision in every gaze direction  
  Oblique astigmatism reduced  
  Variable Inset: Automatic and manual  
  Frame shape optimization available  

Vertex distance  
Near working distance  
Pantoscopic angle  
Wrapping angle  

Design Performance



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