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Developed for easy use in high wrap frame, the Iventure is preconfigured Single Vision design providing superb acuity in
sport frames

I-Venture is a Single Vision design calculated through Digital Ray-Path® technology that has been specially designed for curved sport frames.

When a lens is tilted the visual quality experienced by the the eye becomes diff use, not clear for all directions of sights. The only way to avoid this problem is to calculate its surface considering from the beginning that the lens will be positioned not perpendicular to the principal gaze direction.

Thanks to Digital Ray-Path technology and the possibility to configure each product with unique parameters I-Venture reaches an impeccable visual quality in the entire lens surface, providing clarity and high defi nition in all gaze directions.

Target & Positioning

  • Ideal for active single vision lens wearers who demand excellent visual acuity at all angles in their sport or wrap frames.
  • The best Single Vision totally compensated for wrap or sport frames.
  High Visual Definition in all gaze directions  
  Pre-configured parameters  
  Compatible with any base curve
and material
  High precision and high personalization due to Digital
Ray-Path technology
  Frame shape optimization available  


Vertex distance 14 mm
Pantoscopic angle
Wrapping angle 15º

Minimum Fitting Height MFH
18 mm

Conventional SV

I-Venture lens optimization standard SV lens
Excellent optical performance not only in the center of the lens but all across whole lens surface Optical performance decreases from center to edges of the lens. Peripheral vision is not accurate as it should be.


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